Vagabanditos 5 Mile Race

Vagabanditos 5 Mile Run: May 9th, 2020

Circumstance has brought us runners to a new (and hopefully temporary) horizon. As long as we’re here though, let’s make this thing memorable and shake up the style of virtual racing! This race will not be held over the course of a week. We want you running on Saturday morning. We want you out on the road at 8:30am digging in to your run and going for it like you’ve got a crowd of people around you. We might not be able to race in the same place, but we can damn sure race at the same time!


Here’s what you need to know:

We are going to make this race as interactive as possible, when possible. First, we’ll be hosting a virtual packet pickup live on Friday May 8th on Facebook Live. Log in to get your bib # and then join us for a live fundraiser where you can bid on great items from local companies, with all proceeds from the fundraiser going to support Modest Needs. This organization has been around since 2002 helping families facing temporary financial crises. With the unemployment offices strained and struggling to provide needed assistance, this organization will be a great help on the ground, and in communities, providing assistance to families who are one paycheck missed away from falling into poverty. One person can’t change everything, but when we all chip in together we can provide a stop gap, and help these people, and these families, make it through.

Before the race, link up with our Strava account ‘Vagabanditos’. We’ll be keeping track of everyone’s finisher times and posting results on Instagram and to the website. If you use a different tracking app, we’ll need you to send us a picture of your results to add them to the others.

On Saturday morning we’ll pop back up on Facebook Live for a 10 minute thank you and pep talk before the run. From there, if you want a countdown, pull up one of our custom playlists on Spotify and press play. We’ll count you down, then you can hit the streets listening to one of the different playlists we love to run to.

As we start getting finisher times in from runners you will find us on Instagram giving shout outs and sharing stories and pics of your run. At 11am we will get back on Facebook to announce winners, give props for PR’s, and just in general thank people and joke around some more to help everyone have a great day. We’ll also be announcing the grand total raised and donated to Modest Needs by all you amazing people!

We cannot be there with you at the start/finish line in person, but we’ll be damned if we can’t find a way to cheer you on and remind you how awesome running is… Even if it’s on the road.


Podium Prizes will be handed out to the top 3 male and female runners (no age groups). The prizes will be a $30 gift card to either Charlotte Running Company, Omega Sports, or Ultra Running Company for both male and female. 1st place will pick which card they want, then second, and third will get the last card.

Finisher’s prize will be a limited print sticker we are having made for this event. To keep prices low and donate as much as we can, we are foregoing medals for virtual events.

We will use the times linked in Starva to set up the winners. If you don’t use Strava, you will have to send us your results from the app you use to be entered in for a chance at the podium. If you don’t use running apps and just want to tell us your time, that’s cool, but you won’t be eligible for a top three prize. You will get on to the finisher’s list though, and get your sticker.


We’re not just asking you to donate to charity in the fundraiser during packet pickup, we’ll be donating too. $5 from each registration will be donated to Modest Needs as well!

$5 – For this amount you will be eligible for a top three prize and will be mailed the finisher award if you finish your 5 miles. You will also be welcome to join in the virtual packet pickup and bid on any item, or just hang out and have fun in the chat.

$28 – For this amount you will receive our race shirt, and if you finish your 5 miles you will receive the finisher’s prize as well in the mail. Don’t forget to join in on the virtual packet pickup and have some fun bidding on items, or joking around and making fun of us!


*NOTE ON THE SHIRTS* – To make sure we can keep costs as low as possible, we will be ordering shirts when we have concluded registration so we can avoid any unnecessary costs of ordering more shirts than needed to cover late registrants. The company we use has a 2 week turn around, so we will have your race shirt to you before the end of May.

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