The Run-derground

We aim to misbehave. We aim to run wherever we can and have as much fun as we can with the people that make this community so great. The Run-derground is a series of unsanctioned races held at varying locations. There will be no cost to join in because we won’t be supplying anything except other runners like you who want to have a little fun. The parks we go to won’t know we’re coming and we want to keep it that way. If anyone asks, we’re just a group of runners who decided to host a run club at their venue. So, if you intend to run with us, please know that this isn’t a normal event.

If this intrigues you, then keep your eyes out on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We’ll be posting our events there a month in advance to give everyone a chance to set aside some time to join in. Events will range in distances from 4 miles to 16. You will be required to provide your own hydration and nutrition as there will be no aid stations on course. We will bring extra water and a few snacks with us, but those will only be available at our van where the start and finish line will be. These courses will also be unmarked by us and you will have to follow our instructions and keep your eyes focused on the markings the park has put up.


  1. Troublemakers 6ish Mile Trail Run – February 26th – Registrations will be taken through direct messaging on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We will let you know the location only through direct messaging to keep it a secret. After the event, we will post results and photos on this website.