CRC Trail Race


1/20/19 – The race has been run, and the mud has been slung! Rory landed a podium finish for Vagabond, snagging third place in his age group for the 4 mile run.  I didn’t quite make the cut to place, but still had a great time on the trail, finishing 59th overall in the 9 mile run.

CRC Trail Race 2019
Rory with his 3rd place award for the 2019 CRC Trail Race at the USNWC!


Some times there’s nothing better than waking up and running in the woods. Ok, screw the some times part. There is nothing better than being able to wake up and say, “I’m going to go run in the woods!” I am, in every way, enamored by running through a leaf covered forest floor surrounded by a group of people who love doing the same.

Maybe it’s the feelings of youthful bliss from a childhood spent in the woods, or maybe its just really fun. I don’t know. And, quite frankly, I don’t care enough to look that deep. Maybe I’ll have time to think about it as I make my way through the 9 mile course at the Whitewater Center here in beautiful Charlotte, NC.

If you get a chance to visit the USNWC, you’ll find many well maintained trails to push yourself through. While each trail can be challenging, this course sets itself up for the speed demons among us to charge through and finish with stunning times. Don’t feel bad if you’re not one of them, neither am I. While I enjoy pushing myself to run farther and faster, I feel no shame in only competing against my previous best.

For me, this race will be a fun way to interact with the running community while getting to push myself as I prepare for my other races coming down the line. Also, they’re going to have chili and beer at the finish line… Why the hell haven’t you registered yet?