Misfits and Monsters Trail Club

United by tomfoolery and volunteerism.

The Misfits and Monsters Trail Club is a group we’re creating to foster support for local races, trails, and runners. We want to make sure everyone has a home to come to when they need a little help, whether it’s trying out new trails, covering an aid station at an event, or making new friends to run races with.

It’s our long term goal to build a network in the Carolinas that connects the trail and ultrarunning world together to bring about a positive impact across the board for everyone who’s fallen in love with this life.

If you want to be a part of this project, and if you want to help volunteer and run with us, please follow us on our social media sites . We will be posting and sharing the events we will be trying to cover as well as our group runs where we can bring the family together for some fun on the trails.